INFINITI Summer Car Checklist


Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Summer

Scorching summer weather can seriously affect your car. To help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition throughout the hottest months of the year, we created the following summer car maintenance guide! Review these tips to avoid premature breakdowns on roads in Bridgewater and Princeton, NJ.

Summer Car Maintenance

Top Off Fluids

All vehicle fluids, including motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, A/C coolant, and windshield wiper fluid, should be checked and changed/topped off as necessary. Fresh vehicle fluids are essential to summer driving safety. For example, motor oil thins in reaction to heat, meaning it cannot lubricate the engine’s many moving parts as efficiently. Heat can also create deposits that turn oil into sludge. To avoid untimely engine part friction and wear, check your oil level and viscosity throughout the summer months.

Have the A/C System Inspected

No driver wants their air conditioning system to stop working on a hot day! Get your A/C system inspected at the beginning of summer to make certain it is ready for the heat. There might be a hose leak or other issue that needs addressing before you take off on a road trip outside of Bensalem, PA.

Check the Battery

Cold weather is hard on your car’s battery, but hot weather is even harsher! Heat causes battery liquids to evaporate, resulting in a weak charge that can create alternator function issues. Hot weather also expedites battery corrosion. Check your battery for corrosion throughout the summer, and use a toothbrush to remove it, if applicable. Wear protective gloves to avoid getting battery acid on your skin. To help protect your car battery from extreme heat, park it in a climate-controlled garage whenever possible.

Make Sure the Tires Are in Great Shape

Air pressure increases when the temperature is high, which can cause your vehicle tires to over inflate and potentially burst! Check your tire pressure during hot weather to see if you need to reduce it by a few pounds per square inch (psi). As with your car battery, it is a good idea to keep tires out of severe heat whenever you can to avoid excessive wear. Again, a climate-controlled garage is strongly recommended.

Don’t let summer wreak havoc on your vehicle! Put our tips into practice and visit our service center whenever your car needs professional attention!