INFINITI Dashboard Warning Lights

When the lights on your INFINITI dashboard light up, it’s critical to understand what they imply and address them promptly. These warnings are informing you that there is a predicament with one of its components – ignoring this could potentially be dangerous for yourself as well as damaging to your car. Therefore, ensure quick response in order to maintain both safety and good condition! To help you stay informed about your INFINITI car’s condition, we’ve outlined below the meaning behind each of its dashboard warning lights. You’ll find these on all models in the INFINITI lineup. Once you know what a particular light is trying to tell you, assessing how best to respond can become easier – and don’t forget that our service technicians are always at hand if further information or repair estimates are required.


ABS Warning Light

If you see a light with the letters ABS inside a circle, this is for the car’s anti-lock braking system. The brakes in your vehicle will still function, but there may be an issue with the anti-lock function. This function is important when road conditions are bad or when you lose control of the vehicle, so it’s important to have this inspected as soon as you can.









Brake Warning Light

Similarly, you may get an exclamation point symbol inside a circle along with the word BRAKE. This is your brake warning light, and it could mean a few things. One simple possibility is that you still have the parking brake engaged. Another possibility is that you’re low on brake fluid. If releasing the emergency brake doesn’t turn off the light, schedule a service appointment as soon as possible.








Charge Warning Light

A symbol that looks like a battery with + and – symbols is a charge warning. This commonly means that there is a drain on your battery. If the battery drains too far, your car won’t operate, so bring your battery in for an inspection before this happens.








Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

The engine oil pressure light looks like a teapot with a droplet coming out of it. A common misconception is that this light comes on when the oil level is low. However, it may be a more serious issue than that. You should shut off the engine and schedule a service appointment right away.









Low Windshield Washer Fluid Warning Light

One of the least worrying indicators you can get is the one for low windshield washer fluid. This one is shaped like your windshield with some water spraying from the top of it. Simply refill your windshield washer fluid, and you should be good to go.










Malfunction Indicator Warning Light

A yellow light that looks like an engine is the malfunction indicator. It can indicate a problem with your emissions or that your fuel cap is loose. Try tightening the fuel cap, and if this doesn’t resolve the issue, you’ll want to have a professional investigate the cause.








Master Warning Warning Light

A red triangle with an exclamation point on an INFINITI dashboard is the master warning light. This light comes on when there is at least one problem with one of your INFINITI’s advanced systems. Within your vehicle’s information display, you’ll likely find additional information about the cause of the problem.









Power Steering Warning Light

An orange light that looks like a steering wheel is the power steering warning light. You’ll see this light if your car has Direct Adaptive Steering and there is an issue with it. As with any issues related to your steering, it’s important to get this checked early.









Security Indicator Warning Light

The security indicator is white and contains a key inside a car. This light will blink whenever the ignition switch is in the Lock, Off, or ACC position. This warning light simply lets you know that the security system is on. You can find more information about your vehicle’s security system within your owner’s manual.










Seat Belt Warning Light

An orange light with an icon of someone wearing a seatbelt is the seat belt warning light. This light comes on if the car detects someone sitting in either the driver or passenger seat who isn’t wearing their seatbelt. Simply attaching your seatbelt should turn this light off.









Supplemental Air Bag Warning Light

An orange circle in front of a person sitting is the supplemental airbag warning. When this light comes on, it commonly means there is an issue with either your airbags or your seatbelt pretensioners. Both are essential to keeping you safe in the event of an accident, so you won’t want to drive too much further without getting it inspected.









Tire Pressure Warning Light

Having the correct tire pressure not only makes driving safer but also improves the efficiency of your vehicle. If you see a yellow light with an exclamation mark inside an open circle, this is the tire pressure warning light. This indicates that there is low pressure in at least one of your tires. Adding air can turn this light off, but if there is an issue with your tire, it will turn back on again before long. At this point, you’ll want to bring your car to a service center to have the tire inspected or replaced.








Vehicle Dynamic Control Warning Light

Finally, there’s the vehicle dynamic control light. It looks like a car inside a triangle with some tracks behind it. If this light is flashing, it typically means that the system is engaged and working. However, if the light remains on, you may have an issue. Bring your car in for service to ensure this essential system continues to work properly.










Service Your Warning Light Issues at INFINITI of Flemington
More often than not, when you see a warning light on your INFINITI dashboard, you’ll want to have a professional inspect your vehicle. You can find out more information about the various warning indicator lights in your owner’s manual, but most solutions will require the help of an experienced technician.

For the best service in Bridgewater and Princeton, NJ, bring your INFINITI to our service bay in Flemington. INFINITI of Flemington has the expert service staff on hand to diagnose any issues with your vehicle and quickly implement a solution. We also offer INFINITI service specials to make taking care of your car even more affordable. To learn more about our service center, or to ask us any questions related to the warning lights on your vehicle, please feel free to contact us today. We are always happy to provide you with more information or schedule a time for you to visit our service center in Flemington.

all images used are sourced from INFINITI USA materials